Does Madonna’s W.E. Have a Jewish Problem?


The red Kabbalah bracelet around Madonna's wrist is supposed to ward off the evil eye, but can it withstand some skeptical side-eye, too? It's being reported that her dismally reviewed new feature W.E. whitewashes the Nazi ties of its main characters, Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII; according to Variety's Leslie Felperin, the movie "conveniently ignores matters of historical record, such as the fact that the duke and duchess were honored guests of Hitler at his Berchtesgaden retreat as late as 1937." So that's one thing, but here's another: Guess who's thanked in the end credits? "John Galliano and, particularly bizarrely, Leni Riefenstahl," says Felperin, "which suggests Madonna has, if nothing else, reasons to be grateful to other people accused of harboring Nazi sympathies." Indiewire also points out that the credits misspell Riefenstahl's name, because things were going so well before then. [Variety, Indiewire]