Coldplay, Bright Eyes Might Be in the New Terrence Malick Movie

Mandatory Credit: Photo by BEImages ( 592068p ) Terrence Malick 'The Thin Red Line' Premiere December 22, 1998: Los Angeles, CA Terrence Malick 'The Thin Red Line' Premiere Photo Photo: BEImages/THIS COPYRIGHTED IMAGE MUST NOT BE USED WITHOUT PERMISSION

Spotted at the Austin City Limits Festival over the weekend were Malick, Christian Bale, actress Hayley Bennett (the subject of previous Malick-related rumors), and a camera crew. (Collider has video from the filming, which is basically just Bale wandering through the crowd.) Hmmm! Could they have been filming for the upcoming, as-yet-untitled Malick-Bale reunion movie? And if so, what could this tell us about the plot? In addition to a Bale-bongo solo during the Fleet Foxes set, the trio were spotted backstage with Bright Eyes, Pretty Lights, and Coldplay, so a Mylo Xyloto screen adaptation is not totally out of the question. Or maybe Conor Oberst will try to reinvent himself (again) as a sensitive actor? Most important: How will Malick's enthusiasm for Toto fit into the movie? The world waits. [Collider]