Michael C. Hall, Broadway Musical Star


Michael C. Hall is in talks to return to Broadway in the Big Fish musical that should go up next year. Hall would play the lead role of Edward Bloom, whom Ewan McGregor and Albert Finney played in the Tim Burton movie; the musical version of the character was initially planned for Hugh Jackman, but eh, Wolverine, Dexter, potato, potahto. Hall's previous musical roles include the Master of Ceremonies in Cabaret (here he is singing "I Don't Care Much"), Billy Flynn in Chicago (here he is doing "All I Care About Is Love"), and creepy good sport on Jimmy Fallon (here he is singing "Santa Clause Is Coming to Town"). If Hall stars in a musical, and Lauren Ambrose is going to star in Funny Girl, then how far away can a Peter Krause singing role be? [Deadline]