Mindy Kaling Is Pro-GOOP, Anti-Raunch, and So-So on Jennifer Aniston


Prep author Curtis Sittenfeld profiles The Office writer in this weekend's New York Times Magazine, and in addition to the established Mindy factoids (she got her big break playing Ben Affleck at the Fringe Festival; she tweets a lot!), we get some new-ish Kaling trivia. From a book excerpt: Kaling, like her Office character Kelly Kapoor, would visit GOOP every day; unlike Kelly, she would not "write a letter in support of Jennifer Aniston." Kaling discontinued the beloved shopping blog Things I Bought That I Love because it was too time-consuming, and she once went over producer Greg Daniels's head to get hair extensions for Kelly. She doesn't like parties, but will attend birthday festivities "because she remembers who does and doesn't show up for hers." Okay, update your "How to Be Best Friends With Mindy Kaling" files accordingly. [NYTM]

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