The Newsies Musical Is the ‘Adorable Pro-Union’ Show You’ve Been Waiting For


The Newsies musical is actually really good, according to the New York Times. It's much better than the movie, says David Rooney, and though that's not a high bar to cross for him, the film does have its devotees — let us not minimize the charms of impromptu labor organization and teenage romance. The stage version, Rooney says, has a stronger story and brighter characters. The book is "sweet, funny, emotionally satisfying," the lead newsie Jeremy Jordan has a "winning charm and robust voice," and "the real achievement is that the show elevates Alan Menken’s buoyant melodies and fluidly incorporates Jack Feldman’s rousing lyrics into a story with characters worth rooting for." But how do you really feel? "Even for the cynics among us, Newsies has a stirring, old-school sincerity that’s hard to resist ... It’s not Clifford Odets, but an adorable pro-union, up-with-the-downtrodden musical seems worth singing about." Extra, extra! [NYT]