ABC Wants Candace Bushnell’s ‘Sex and the City Meets The Good Wife’ Show


Yet another Candace Bushnell book is going through the TV-adaptation process: Mark Gordon and Bushnell are producing an hour-long drama for ABC based on her 2008 novel One Fifth Avenue. The book focuses on the residents of a swanky building — a magazine editor, an aged gossip columnist, an art dealer, a tart — who all want to move into the penthouse, but the TV show, with a pilot written by Gossip Girl's Josh Safran, would put a slightly different spin on the "ache" all New Yorkers feel for prime real estate by adding a divorce subplot and a scandal investigation. "The project is being described as Sex and the City meets The Good Wife," says the Hollywood Reporter, because of course it is, and that sounds great actually. It's like Lipstick Jungle never happened! Ah, if only. [Live Feed/THR]