One for the Money Trailer: Katherine Heigl Gets a Gun


In the upcoming New Year's Eve, Garry Marshall's attempt to break the world record for "Most Celebrities Wearing Those Goofy 2012 Glasses on One Screen," Katherine Heigl slaps (and then presumably makes out with) Jon Bon Jovi. Now, in her new reverse–Bounty Hunter rom-com, Heigl goes full Jersey, slapping on a not-totally-embarrassing accent and dropping salty quotes about selling lingerie in Newark. There's even big hair. So, is Heigl running for office in the Garden State? Or are the Jersey Shore kids managing her career? Whatever the explanation, Jersey is maybe a decent look on Heigl — somehow that famous attitude turns into pluck when paired with a gun and a houseful of screaming grandmas. It may not be enough to win back all the Grey's-era Heigl fans, but it's a start. Also: screaming New Jersey grandmas! Let's give them guns at dinner more often, please.