Peter Berg Will Play Maria Bello’s Ex on Prime Suspect


Executive producer Peter Berg will guest-star on an upcoming episode of Prime Suspect, his first on-camera role since 2008's guest appearance on Friday Night Lights, another show on which he served as EP. Before Berg was a TV auteur with a handheld camera and an ear for naturalistic dialogue (and, uh, the director of Battleship), he spent four seasons on Chicago Hope as the aggro, maverick-y Dr. Kronk; before Bello was the second coming of Helen Mirren with a head for goofy fedoras, she spent two seasons as the aggro, maverick-y Dr. Del Amico on ER. On Suspect, Berg is set to play Jane's (Maria Bello) former love interest, who's now a married high-ranking police officer; their past relationship makes the newly promoted Jane's co-workers skeptical of her abilities, though it's a little tough to believe that anyone would ever doubt Maria Bello's badassery. [Inside TV/EW]