Peter Wins Jackpot on Tonight’s Family Guy Season Premiere


Family Guy's tenth season kicks off tonight and the opening gambit is a long overdue one. "Lottery Fever" starts out with the same old, same old, Peter going off and spending all the family's savings on something pointless, like magic beans or that one time he bought volcano insurance. This time around, he buys lottery tickets. Naturally, Lois will yell and scream about how irresponsible he is, up until Peter realizes that he has the winning Powerball ticket. Next thing, their Quahog house is piled high with greenbacks, $150 million of them to be exact. Let the shenanigans begin.

Peter quits his job and builds himself a Scrooge McDuck money vault so he can swim in a sea of gold coins. (That second part we extrapolated from the season preview video, below.) Chris gets a butler. Brian, who now decides to sleep outside, still wants to stare up at the mobile that used to hang over his bed. So he gets a giant version of it suspended outside, we presume from a crane or perpetually hovering helicopter. (When you're that rich, what's a couple grand a day on gas.) While we're sure Lois and Meg will tend to be more sensible with all this new wealth, we see fur stoles and diamonds in their future. And Stewie, well, there's that underground world-control center to build.

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