Premium Rush Trailer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Loves Riding a Fixie


Joseph Gordon-Levitt's bike-messenger thriller Premium Rush looks even goofier than it sounds: An angry police officer (Michael Shannon) pursues a nimble bike messenger (Gordon-Levitt) from Columbia to Chinatown, trying to retrieve a mysterious envelope. Think "every action-movie chase scene ever," except instead of a car or a motorcycle, our hero's on a fixed-gear bike. He rides under a truck! He weaves into and out of traffic! He goes to a Chinese poker game and evades police capture by impractically jumping over fences! As a bonus, the trailer also doubles as a PSA warning cyclists and drivers to be careful as they share the road. If the city kept the bike lanes clear, maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt could deliver his ominous envelopes a little more safely. [Screen Rant]