People Keep Stealing Questlove’s Combs From His Head


The Roots drummer rocks a particularly impressive Afro, but its maintenance relies on a particular comb (its patent number is 238222, for the curious). When Vulture caught up with Questlove at Us Weekly's most stylish New Yorkers party, he told us he's running perilously low on the item. "I bought a massive stock, maybe like 2,000 of them," he said, because the comb in question is hard to come by. "So of those 2,000, maybe I have, like, 60 left. Because people insist on taking them. When we’re in concert and I say good-bye, then they grab it outta my hair." Like a souvenir? "It’s a souvenir to them. I found a few on eBay!" Okay, everyone, you know where to find a Christmas present for Questlove now.