Radiohead on The Colbert Report: Thom Yorke Doesn’t Like Corporate Jokes Too Much


It is, suddenly and slightly inexplicably, Radiohead Week! The band played this past weekend's Saturday Night Live premiere, did an hour-long Colbert special (with interview), and have two concerts planned at NYC's Roseland Ballroom later this week. Last night's Colbert appearance was especially remarkable for two reasons: (1) The show gave them time to play four songs off their most recent album, King of Limbs, and (2) the band actually had to interact with a human — in this case, the bombastic, pro-business character of Stephen Colbert. So how did that go down? Pretty well, actually — a typically obnoxious Colbert hounded the band about their "indieness," Britishness, and anti-corporateness, and they were pretty good sports about the whole bit. Thom Yorke's eye twitch got worse* as Colbert shilled for the Dr. Pepper Zone (at this point, we began to wonder how reluctant a guest Yorke really was), but he managed a good comeback about the gross rinse fluid they use at the dentist. Oh, and then they played music, which you can watch here. Enjoy!

*This post has been corrected to note we're not making fun of Yorke's eye condition (which we didn't know he had.) He just appeared visibly agitated. Sorry!