Irish Farmer Shuts Down Rihanna’s Video Shoot


Rihanna's music video antics have gotten her in trouble with another vocal demographic: the Bangor, County Down farming community in Northern Ireland. For reasons not yet clear to the general public, Riri chose to film the visuals for her latest house-pop single, "We Found Love," in a field belonging to farmer and local government official Alan Graham. Mr. Graham, who initially gave his consent to the shoot, was headed to his tractor when he noticed Rihanna's minimal wardrobe (the video's here, but it's basically a bandana bikini top and what appear to be low-slung plaid pants). "I thought it was inappropriate," Graham told the BBC. "I requested them to stop and they did." No word on what exactly Mr. Graham said to Rihanna and team, but we're pretty sure it was something about how she could not, in fact, be a farmer in those clothes. Verdict is still out on the chain mail. [BBC]