Salman Rushdie Is on Twitter


As of this week, novelist Salman Rushdie has officially joined Twitter, and he is shaping up to be almost as prolific as Alec Baldwin. Eight tweets in the last hour! Twenty-two in the last day! Rushdie is rubbing shoulders with exactly whom you would expect him to — Margaret Atwood, Mia Farrow, and his scrabble partner Kylie Minogue (so maybe not whom you would expect?) — and, when not replying to people, he is tweeting appropriately novelistic content: "Agreed, 'perfection' an illusion. I prefer #RandallJarrell: A novel is a long piece of writing that has sthg wrong with it"; "Today we move on from ontological questions"; and "Who's your publisher?" [SalmanRushdie1/Twitter via Guardian UK]