Sarah Silverman Channels Her Inner Lumpy Nude Cave Lady


Somehow, some way, I doubt Sarah Silverman’s nude scene in Take This Waltz is going to be as Cro-Magnon as she describes. “So I actually gained 20 pounds for the role,” Silverman told press at the Toronto International Film Festival, about shooting full-frontal in Sarah Polley’s upcoming film. “I wanted to be lumpier. I said, wouldn’t it be interesting to have a posture of a lady caveman. I’m really happy with that.” Says Silverman. “I was completely watching it and having fun, and when the swimming pool scene was coming, I panicked. Then, when it came, and I saw my full frontal, I had an actual heart attack – and I’m proud to have done it.” Exciting news for all you “lump-covered cavewoman having a stress-induced heart attack” fetishists out there. May you might finally know peace.