Watch an Exclusive Clip From the Angry Neighbor Documentary Shut Up Little Man


Have you ever wondered how strangers laughed at one another's expense in the pre-YouTube era? Consider Shut Up Little Man, a documentary out this Friday that tracks how the title catchphrase went from an apartment in San Francisco to nineties mainstream relevance. How did that go down? It starts with two guys (Eddie and Mitch) who moved next door to some seriously angry — and verbal — elderly gentlemen. Eddie and Mitch began to tape their neighbors, first out of fear, and then out of amusement. The recordings made their way onto mix tapes, then CDs, then into the shows or movies you might actually have heard it from. All without the Internet! To get a taste of the seriously nutty audio that managed to go viral way back when, check out the exclusive clip below (but be warned, it's pretty NSFW. The neighbors did not hold back with the cursing).