Steven Soderbergh Plays Down His Hunger Games Directing Gig


Yes, Steven Soderbergh directed a little bit of second-unit photography for The Hunger Games, but it wasn't such a big deal, all right? Recalled the filmmaker to Moviefone: "I show up in North Carolina, a crew member tweets, 'Steven Soderbergh's here.' And immediately the fucking firestorm starts. 'Why is he here? What's going on? Is the movie in trouble? Is he directing footage from the second one?' All of this crazy-ass speculation. People just spinning off." Turns out, he did it as a simple favor to his friend Gary Ross, who's directing the movie. At the very least, though, the two-day second-unit stint may have shaken Soderbergh out of his bleary digital shell: "It was [shot on] film, which I totally forgot existed. So that was new." [Moviefone]