Get Ready for Celebrity Wife Swap’s Evangelical Theme Episode


Ted Haggard, the former megachurch pastor who lost his job in a well-publicized meth-and-gay-prostitute scandal, and Gary Busey — who is, among many other things, a born-again Christian — are signed up for what promises to be a very weird (and likely sort of upsetting) edition of ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap. The episode will pair Busey with Gayle Haggard, the author of a book about her marriage and a Divorce Court veteran. Meanwhile, Gayle's worse half will get to know Busey's girlfriend Steffanie Sampson, whom we will describe as "long-suffering" on the basis of her partner's appearances on Celebrity Rehab and Celebrity Apprentice. The thing is, unlike most Wife Swap co-stars, Haggard and Busey have a lot in common (drug problems, chronic attention-seeking, religious beliefs). Stunt-casting aside, this could actually end up being pretty boring, as the couples don't really seem to have much to fight about. [HuffPo]