Terra Nova Reviews: Tell Us Again How the Dinosaurs Compare to the People


Terra Nova premieres tonight, and the reviews are in: It's the perfect opportunity to dust off the Jurassic Park material and make some dinosaur jokes! Every review mentions the show's attempts to be a "family drama," and things get more repetitive from there.

How Do the Dinosaurs Compare to the Humans?
"Terra Nova’s Challenge: Make Humans as Extraordinary as Dinosaurs" [Wired]

"Terra Nova is going to have to find a way to make its human characters seem as lifelike as its dinosaurs." [USA Today]

"The dinosaurs seem real, but the people don’t." [WP]

Surely There Are Other Unflattering Comparisons to Be Made:
"It's starting to feel like the show has been in development since the dinosaurs walked the earth." [HitFix]

" ... the dinosaurs may not be the only things at Terra Nova to become extinct." [USA Today]

"Steven Spielberg's stamp on Terra Nova is as hard to miss as a dinosaur footprint." [SF Gate]