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Terra Nova Reviews: Tell Us Again How the Dinosaurs Compare to the People

It's like the scene in Jurassic Park when Mr. Muldoon keeps saying "shoot haah!"

Terra Nova premieres tonight, and the reviews are in: It's the perfect opportunity to dust off the Jurassic Park material and make some dinosaur jokes! Every review mentions the show's attempts to be a "family drama," and things get more repetitive from there.

How Do the Dinosaurs Compare to the Humans?
"Terra Nova’s Challenge: Make Humans as Extraordinary as Dinosaurs" [Wired]

"Terra Nova is going to have to find a way to make its human characters seem as lifelike as its dinosaurs." [USA Today]

"The dinosaurs seem real, but the people don’t." [WP]

Surely There Are Other Unflattering Comparisons to Be Made:
"It's starting to feel like the show has been in development since the dinosaurs walked the earth." [HitFix]

" ... the dinosaurs may not be the only things at Terra Nova to become extinct." [USA Today]

"Steven Spielberg's stamp on Terra Nova is as hard to miss as a dinosaur footprint." [SF Gate]

Photo: Fox