Tha Carter IV Nearly Sold a Million Copies in Its First Week


Or 964,000 copies, if you want to be precise, but either way: Despite tepid reviews and some questionable VMAs fashion choices, Lil Wayne now has his third No. 1 album and the second biggest sales week of 2011 (just behind Lady Gaga, who sold 1.1 million copies of Born This Way with the help of a 99-cent Amazon discount). He also more than doubled the first-week sales of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne, which is the second dis he’s handed Jay’s way in as many weeks. Speaking of Carter IV, how is everyone feeling about “How to Love” these days? Is it maybe not as bad as you first thought? More important: How are you handling Wayne's shocking shut-out from this year's Country Music Awards? Dude really wanted that seat next to Taylor Swift. [Billboard]