Today on Vulture Recommends: Nitsuh Abebe’s Songs of the Moment


New York's pop music critic Nitsuh Abebe is back with an update to his ever-changing songs on repeat list, and this installment is especially colorful. First up is Gauntlet Hair's "Top Bunk," a blurry, watery guitar number with an opening so good it has Abebe in raptures ("the band could spend the rest of the song snoring, and I'd still have nice things to say about them"). Closing out the list, finally, is a number from everyone's favorite drug dealer/detective Idris Elba called "Private Garden," which was "recommended in part for those of you who just really like The Wire and want to watch Stringer Bell look all masculine while singing," but is still "pretty decent — especially with production by 9th Wonder." Check out the rest of the list and update your iPod accordingly.