The Six Big Stories to Come Out of This Year’s Toronto Film Festival


This year’s Toronto Film Festival was stuffed with around 300 films — most of which, judging from E!'s coverage, seemed to star George Clooney. Even if you, like me, saw around 30 films, every one you saw meant you missed ten — a fact made worse (and better) this year because the buzz indicated that there were few disasters. Very few of the studios’ Oscar hopefuls bombed, and many of the indie premieres scored big, from the fantastic comedies Your Sister’s Sister and Friends With Kids to the horror film You’re Next. I’ve still got a stack of DVDs from the fest to watch before I post my favorite films on Monday (and am sad that I'll still miss Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights, Pen-ek Ratanaruang’s Headshot, and the Indonesian fight flick The Raid, among dozens of others), but here are six things that changed this week at Toronto, and six story lines to follow in the months to come.