Seven Great Returning Shows and How Newbies Can Still Get In On Them


Even the most loyal TV fan can't watch everything, and sometimes good shows pass you by. Don't blame yourself: It's the nature of the beast, the price of living in an era when there's more television on in one night than was on in a whole year a generation ago. Often it only takes one missed season to write a show off: No matter how many times you hear it raved about, it just seems too daunting to think about backtracking on an existing series when so many other shows are being stockpiled by your DVR. But it doesn't always need to be this way! We've selected seven existing, fantastic shows that you can still get in on while they're as good or better than they've ever been, just by using our quick tutorial and study guide of three past episodes each: With that small amount of viewing, you'll be able to know just what these shows are about and can easily hop aboard for the new round of episodes. You can't afford not to watch more TV.