Is Somehow Not Under the Control of the Twilight Franchise


Back in 1994, when the Internet was new and "twilight" was just what happened when the sun set, a guy named Tom Markson bought the domain name Now, he is being sued for copyright and trademark infringement by the owner of the Twilight empire, Summit Entertainment, probably because the studio feels it could make better use of the space than he has. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Summit says in its complaint that the false implication of Summit's endorsement of constitutes unfair competition, is likely to confuse consumers, will injure the studio's reputation, and will result in irreparable damage." A little hysterical, given that the site is basically just a Google Ads colony at the moment. Then again, this is Twilight's web presence we're talking about, so maybe a little hysteria is called for? Either way, Markson isn't giving up without a fight; Summit has been trying to shut him down since 2009. Brave, stupid, lucrative, or some combination of the three? [THR]