Watch an Exclusive Clip From Weekend, the Most Acclaimed Gay Movie of the Year


If you've heard Clint Eastwood and Leonardo DiCaprio hemming and hawing this week over whether the lead characters in J. Edgar are gay (they certainly were as written in Dustin Lance Black's script, no matter what Eastwood says about it), it's a reminder that after Brokeback Mountain, Hollywood still hasn't produced much to brag about when it comes to gay stories onscreen. Fortunately, the British film Weekend is coming out on September 23 at the IFC Center (and expanding nationwide from there), and it doesn't even need to do its own bragging — the audience award it won at South by Southwest and the accolades it's collected from A.O. Scott and Amy Taubin can speak for themselves. A sweet gay romance that suggests a same-sex Before Sunrise, the movie follows Russell (Tom Cullen), a shy lifeguard who spends 48 hours falling for Glen (Chris New), an outgoing artist who's all set to move to Oregon that week. In this exclusive clip, the two men take their brief, budding relationship to the fair, where Glen tells Russell a story from his past. Enjoy!