The Weeknd Shakes It With Florence Welch


So what is the mysterious David Lynch of R&B up to these days? The shady Canadian has reportedly been spending a good chunk of time with Drake, for the latter artist's upcoming Take Care, and today he dropped a remix of Florence and the Machine's sweeping single "Shake It Out" on BBC 1 Radio. (You may remember that Drake is also a big Welch fan: She's dropped in on "Fireworks" before, and he was reportedly hoping for a Florence collaboration on Take Care. If you are now imagining a bizarre studio slumber party with Drake, Florence, and Tesfaye, you're not alone.) Anyway, the result is not that creepy! Fans of Florence's uptempo original may be weirded out by the moody, heavily filtered take; meanwhile, Weeknd devotees may be a little disappointed to learn that Tesfaye doesn't sing on the track. But let's meet in the middle here: The Weeknd gets his woozy beats and whistling, but Florence keeps her vocals. The result is a sneakily listenable track that should make everyone at your folk-R&B-fusion meet-up group reasonably happy. And there is, of course, always the original to fall back on. Crank that one on full volume.