Homer Simpson and Andy Dufresne Were Almost in Wet Hot American Summer


This incredibly thorough oral history of Wet Hot American Summer traces the movie from The State's earliest moments up through the present discussions of a possible sequel. Fun facts: Dan Castellaneta, Mary Louise Parker, and Amanda Peet were all part of initial table reads; an early version of the script included Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman's characters from Shawshank Redemption in the "jail" in Capture the Flag; and the camp director of the actual camp where the movie was shot wound up lighting the campfire in the opening sequence, since it was so rainy none of the actual cast or crew could figure out how. The whole piece is pretty great, but the part about Amy Poehler and Janeane Garofalo sharing a wall is particularly adorable, as is the story of director David Wain hiring a D.J. and everyone in the cast holding sparklers and dancing to eighties music. [Details]