Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Somewhere’ Best?


Last night's Glee was light on the music and heavy on the drama. And by drama, we mean auditions for the school musical, West Side Story. Poor Kurt was deemed not quite macho enough to play Tony, but Rachel turned in a stellar audition with the show's signature number, "Somewhere," which she performed half-solo, half-duet with her estranged birth mommy, Shelby. This week's showdown includes renditions of "Somewhere" by prodigy soprano Jackie Evancho and an electric string dulcimer, which the New Directions should definitely get for their band. View them below and vote for your fave!

As Performed By

Tom Waits

Delightfully growly or frighteningly growly?

As Performed By

Phil Collins

And until he finds that place, he will not wear the same shirt for more than 30 seconds.

As Performed By

Jackie Evancho

Don't look so sad, little Jackie! We'll give you whatever you want!

As Performed By

YouTube User seonachan

That is an electric string dulcimer, and something about the fourth fret makes it impossible to play the song faithfully. Rats.

As Performed By

Clockwork Brass

Nothing like a soulful French horn.

As Performed By

Rachel and Shelby

Romantic ballad becomes bitter mother/daughter number.