Wife Team Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi Partnering on NBC Pilot


Daytime queen Ellen DeGeneres and Arrested Development alum Portia de Rossi are teaming up on a pilot for NBC, Deadline reported late last night. Finally! After all, what's the point of two talented and attractive Hollywood stars being married if they don't combine their powers for the comedic good? The show, as yet unnamed and to be produced by DeGeneres, will be about dueling sisters, one of whom will be played by de Rossi, whose most recent characters have included the air-headed fad-of-the-month Lindsay Bluth Fünke in Fox's Arrested Development and power-haired Veronica Palmer in the tragically short-lived ABC series Better Off Ted. Now the question is, who's brave enough to be cast opposite the producer's wife? [Deadline]