William Shatner Is Not a Star Wars Fan


William Shatner is attempting to melt the Internet today by weighing in on the Star Trek versus Star Wars argument no one really has anymore, given that the world has demonstrated that there's more than enough room for both franchises. Unsurprisingly, he is on Team Trek. "Star Trek had relationships and conflict ... and stories that involved humanity and philosophical questions," he says. By contrast, Star Wars is "derivative" and isn't about stories but rather just about its special effects. But thanks to J.J. Abrams "piling on the special effects" in Star Trek's recent iterations, now the Roddenberry universe wins on that front, too. (Leonard Nemoy had a more charitable read on the two factions last year, saying, "George Lucas really did us all a big favor. Star Wars is what put Star Trek back into production.” Classic Spock! So logical.) "So Star Wars has nothing to stand on," Shatner insists. "There's a resurgence of Star Trek ... that supersedes Star Wars on every level." Even on the ladyfront? Princess Leia "can't compare to the marvelous heroines we had on Star Trek," he says, though he also says Kirk would totally ride off into the sunset with Alderaan's favorite daughter: Leia and Kirk "would be the perfect union." Oh, William Shatner, you cannot possibly imagine the volume of fan fiction that supports this exact claim.

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