Wow: Fox Is Considering an All-Simpsons Channel


Finally, an excuse to stop watching so much Cake Boss: Fox is considering creating a cable channel that would be all The Simpsons, all the time. My 13-year-old self just passed out from excitement.

Seeing as the show is set to hit the 500 episode mark in the upcoming season and show no signs of stopping anytime soon, they certainly have enough material to fill the schedule. Based on some back-of-the-envelope math done by Slashfilm, with 500 episodes to pull from they’d go 11 days of 24/7 programming before showing a repeat. 11 days! Who’s up for a marathon?

The idea is still a few years out from becoming a reality, if it ever does, thanks to in-place syndication deals that need to expire before Fox can rebroadcast all the episodes themselves. But eventually, hopefully, you’ll be able to watch your favorite episodes of The Simpsons for the 15th time on a dedicated channel. Now, just because, here’s a clip of Homer eating a waffle that was stuck to the ceiling: