Even 2 Broke Girls Is Over the Flash Mob


Earlier this summer, Vulture politely requested a moratorium on the use of flash mobs (cupcake shops, Buzz Aldrin, and Journey) in movies and television. Please understand: We very much enjoy the spontaneous expression of human joy; we just think it could find some new, non-gyrating forms. It seems that at least one television show has heard our plea. Last night, 2 Broke Girls opened with an attempted flash mob staged by the desperately uncool diner owner; just as quickly, the two main characters shut him down with a "Code Red" and a hose. When a prissy former-socialite character on a CBS sitcom knows that "Flash mobs were over a year ago," does that mean a trend is officially dead? And will it inspire 2 Broke Girls to trade out that cupcake shop, too? Vulture will be the monitoring the situation. In the meantime, we apologize for getting "Party Rock Anthem" (a.k.a. the Dancing Hamster song) stuck in your head.