Albert Nobbs Trailer: Glenn Close, Gender-Bender


There are a lot of tricky transformations coming down the pike this Oscar season: Michelle Williams has to convince us that she's Marilyn Monroe, Meryl Streep has to persuade as Margaret Thatcher, while Rooney Mara will try to play Swedish badass Lisbeth Salander better than Noomi Rapace did. Meanwhile, Glenn Close may have the highest degree of difficulty, because in her new movie Albert Nobbs, she has to convince us that she's convincing as a nineteenth-century woman passing as a man. And while Close is giving it her all in a dream role she's tried for years to bring to the screen, and we're definitely intrigued by the premise, we keep half-expecting her co-stars Mia Wasikowska and Aaron Johnson to say, "Wait ... you're Glenn Close, with prosthetics!" (Forgive them their gullibility, though: They haven't been educated by Chaz Bono, Just One of the Guys, or The Journey of Natty Gann yet.)