Alec Baldwin and Guests Will Be Profound On the Radio


Alec Baldwin has a new radio show where he’ll interview artists and policymakers. Here’s the Thing will explore “what motivates his guests, how they feel about what they do and what keeps them up at night.” On the one hand, it’s a absolutely awesome to showcase more honest conversations that explore topics beyond the usual interview fare.

On the other, more cynical hand, it kiiinda feels like Alec Baldwin is “preparing for life after 30 Rock (the Associated Press said it! Not me! 30 Rock will never die!) by copying Marc Maron’s WTFPod and applying it to a broader group of interviewees. On the third hand, Baldwin indicated to the NY Times that this podcast might be part of the reason he stays on 30 Rock for an additional season. The first episode of Here’s the Thing will be available October 24, so we shall soon see how these three hands clasp themselves together.