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Can You Spot All of American Horror Story’s Cinematic Homages?

American Horror Story isn't shy about its influences: A stabbing murder in the upcoming second episode is scored to — you guessed it — the shrieking strings that accompanied Marion Crane's stabbing in Psycho. Still, nothing tops last night's pilot episode for the sheer volume of cinematic pastiche on display. Here are a couple of the mix-and-match horror-movie references we noticed (with a little bit of Tarantino thrown in for good measure). Did you catch any more?

Creepy twins: The Shining

Person with Down syndrome who has psychic powers: Dreamcatcher

"You're all gonna die in there": Poltergeist II

Adorable song perverted by use in horror sequence: "Buckle My Shoe," A Nightmare on Elm Street

Dog recognizes and barks at evil: The Thing

Father turned mad by potentially possessed house: The Amityville Horror

Creepy basement: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Creepy attic: The Changeling

Rubber gimp suit: Pulp Fiction

Nosy next-door neighbor who may collude with evil: Rosemary's Baby

Bernard Hermann's "Twisted Nerve" playing as someone walks down a hallway with murderous intent: Kill Bill Vol. 1

Creepy housekeeper who knows too much (and isn't telling): The Others

An old lady who can also appear sexy and young: The Shining

Elaborate burn-victim makeup: Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare on Elm Street

Stillborn baby birth as a backstory: Orphan

Potentially demonic rape resulting in pregnancy: Rosemary's Baby

Photo: Robert Zuckerman/FX