American Reunion Teaser Trailer: Different Decade, Same Masturbation Techniques


Twelve years after Jason Biggs's American Pie character was first filmed pleasuring himself into various receptacles (socks, apple pies), the first teaser trailer for American Reunion, the fourth installment in the franchise, arrives. Jason Biggs's character is still ... pleasuring himself into various receptacles. (This time a lubed-up sock; perhaps they are saving the pie for the movie.) As the trailer says, it's the "Return of an American Tradition" — what a proud, patriotic day, right? Biggs's Jim may be happily married to Alyson Hannigan's band camper, but given ten minutes by his lonesome, he will still masturbate while making very unattractive pre-O faces, but now, instead of being interrupted by his parents, he's interrupted by his son: The circle of life, it's a beautiful thing. At least Hannigan's character is getting hers, too. Still, when the trailer runs through the faces of the cast, it's nice to know the movie will temporarily void a whole rash of "Where are they now?" questions. Chris Klein, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Seann William Scott, Mena Suvari, Tara Reid, for right now, are all right here. Feel free to ask again in two years.