Anne Hathaway Enters Les Misérables


If you're transferring Les Misérables to the silver screen and looking to cast one of its juicy female roles, you kinda have to cast Anne Hathaway, don't you? There's almost an air of inevitability to it — certainly helped by the fact that she belted out a tune from Les Miz at the Oscars, and when we last checked in with her, she was singing in French with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Anyway, Deadline reports that Hathaway is the newest name to come aboard Tom Hooper's musical, where she'll star opposite Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe as the downtrodden Fantine, a key early role that comes equipped with the song "I Dreamed a Dream." By the way, if you're keeping track at home, Les Misérables now stars Wolverine, Catwoman, and Jor-El. Movies! [Deadline]