Answers To Nothing Trailer: Dane Cook Gets Serious


Behold, Dane Cook looking all depressed in Answers to Nothing, a drama about a loosely connected group of visibly miserable people variously connected to a kidnapping. Elizabeth Mitchell plays Cook's wife, and she described the movie back in 2009 as "a little bit like Magnolia," and Answers does look like it shares that lurking sense of doom if perhaps not the overall artistry. Cook and Mitchell play a couple trying to have a baby, Julie Benz plays a single-mom detective, Barbara Hershey plays Cook's mother, Fish from Ally McBeal is there, and a possibly nude woman drapes herself over a guitar. What more do you people want? Oh, weird little bumpers in the trailer that resemble the Hills opening credits (or the Starz branding interstitials that were tattoed on your brain after a Party Down binge)? Well, you got it. [Slashfilm]