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Sony’s Pursuing the Assassin’s Creed Movie No One Wants

Presumably the movie will look something like this.

Assassin's Creed is one step closer to becoming a movie franchise. The popular video game, a fourth installment of which comes out later this year, looks like it's going to land at Sony, according to Variety. The games are already relatively cinematic: A present-day Desmond accesses his ancestor's memories to live through different historical periods — Renaissance Florence, sixteenth-century Constantinople — as a member of the Assassins, a secret culture of warriors who help defend the world against forces of evil. (Think of the Holy Grail guys in Last Crusade, sort of.) Then, a lot of swooping and hood-wearing ensues! Given the legacy of game-to-movie adaptations, it's hard to have any kind of high hopes for this would-be film franchise, but if the studio got someone really broody and badass to play Ezio, maybe — maybe — this could be okay. [Variety]