Beyoncé Shows Off Baby Bump, Other Bumps in Her ‘Countdown’ Video


As expected, the most important mother-to-be in the world has just delivered the full music video for "Countdown." And though the 4 single itself is a dance-crazed ode to her main boof, it's the little boof in the oven who threatens to steal the show here — certainly an impressive feat, given the show's colorful bonkersness! Donning everything from retro Audrey Hepburn outfits to intriguing turtleneck-swimsuit hybrids, Bey packs in all her classic music-video signatures: being amazing at dancing, recruiting teams of lesser people to be amazing at dancing, and doing that thing where she demonstrates how her fingers are more amazing at dancing than most people's entire bodies. But also, and possibly most importantly: Babyoncé! Exactly.