Beyoncé’s Publicist Forced to Speak Up About Babyoncé-Gate

Beyonce Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Over the weekend, during an appearance on an Australian morning show, Beyoncé sat down and her baby bump appeared to ... fold. Because many people — us included! — are very invested in Babyoncé, Beyoncé's seemingly padded stomach set off a frenzy of speculation, namely that Bey and Jay might be using a surrogate. (The idea that her shirt just did something weird in the interview? Too reasonable! This is Babyoncé! Lose your cool!) The concern/madness about the bump has gotten so cacophonous that Beyoncé's publicist actually gave a comment about it to ABC Celebrity Weekly News, calling the rumors “stupid, ridiculous and false.” Okay, phew, glad that's cleared up ... but can we be sure???? [ABC News]