Poor Justin Bieber Got Shut Out of the BET Cyphers


…for a pretty legitimate reason, frankly. According to DJ Premier, who helps make the cypher performance list, Young Biebz asked to participate in one of the BET Awards' rap-offs, then let it be known that Ludacris would be writing his verse. For shame, Justin. Premier, of course, refused to allow the ghostwriting: "If you ain't writing your own rhyme, you can't do it," he decreed. "So Justin, you gotta take a backseat on that one." Vulture, though historically pro–Shawty Mane, fully supports this decision in the interest of fairness (and keeping Bieber from totally humiliating himself, which seemed a little inevitable). One more Premier quote, to take us out: "Write your own rhymes, honey. You gotta call him honey on that one." That one stings a little. [HipHopDx]