The Black Keys Go Dancing on Their Own


Last week, the Black Keys announced their seventh album, El Camino, by way of a very amusing viral video featuring Bob Odenkirk screaming about a used van. (The album's release date flashes very briefly at the end, but the video is otherwise exclusively dedicated to Odenkirk's vocal register, as it should be.) Today, the salty rock duo decided to drop "Lonely Boy," the first single off Camino, with a similarly bizarre and entertaining visual: a dude, alone in what looks like a garage waiting area, dancing like a nut. It's fantastic! In fact, Vulture would go so far as to say that it is more enjoyable, in its basic absurdity, than any of the highly choreographed videos that OK Go has released of late. Witness this man's Twist, his Sprinkler dance, his punch-the-sky move (can we call that the Real Steel from here on out?). Oh, yeah, and the song's pretty stellar too. Good work, Black Keys!