Boardwalk Empire Recap: Get in Line

BOARDWALK EMPIRE episode 17 (season 2, episode 5): Jack Huston. photo: Macall B. Polay Photo: Macall Polay/Macall Polay
Boardwalk Empire
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Jimmy won’t stand for being disrespected. Eli responds to being backed into a corner by starting to kill his way out. Nucky can’t accept an apology, even when doing so is the right play. The Commodore is still out of commission. Agent Van Alden and Lucy continue to be non-factors. The actor playing Richard Harrow keeps on making his case to the writers that the show should lavish as much screen time on him as possible. Yes, it was another generally satisfying episode of Boardwalk Empire.

And, uh, what else? Oh yeah: Sleater and Katy totally did it! And did so to such a feverish degree that poor Margaret was chasing down the provenance of throaty yelps in the middle of the night, all over the house. Poor woman! After seeming so onboard with the gangster lifestyle, she’s haunted by having had to break up Nucky’s brawl with a shotgun — so much so that a climax-cry doesn’t even enter into her analytic mind. So far on the show, she’s been a kept woman, or else a semi-equal partner in crime. But right now she’s neither, and for her, that’s obviously a burden no number of niceties can salve.