‘Criminal’ Video: Britney Goes Bonnie & Clyde on London


A few weeks ago, in the latest installment of "British Citizens Yelling at Pop Stars About Scandalous Video Shoots," Britney Spears found herself in hot water with several U.K. politicians over the filming of her "Criminal" video. Britney was running around a London suburb with guns blazing (literally), and the local officials were none too pleased. After viewing the final product, we're guessing they probably won't be down with the shower sex, the regular sex, the domestic abuse, the armed robbery, or any of Britney's other questionable activities, either. ("Random milk bukkake": noticeably absent.) Britney went in! And cutely, she enlisted her real-life manager turned boyfriend, Jason Trawick, as her co-star and partner in crime. They spend half the video naked (but it's not weird, because they love each other? Or maybe that makes it weirder? Discuss); the other half is devoted to Britney's arm-dancing and life of crime. The best moment, though, is in the beginning when Britney kicks a dude in the crotch and then proclaims, "Now I'm okay. [Smirk.]" Britney is having fun again!