Cast of Walking Dead Pick Their Preferred Zombie Weapons


Promoting their second season, which premieres tonight, the cast of AMC's The Walking Dead were at New York Comic=Con yesterday. Now with nearly twenty episodes of zombie killing under their postapocalyptic utility belts, here are their personal weapons of choice.

Laurie Holden (a.k.a. Andrea): Gun — Loudest Weapon Award
Last season, Andrea dealt with watching her sister die and reawaken zombified, before shooting her in the head with a pistol — so maybe familiarity's why Laurie chose this option. But shooting a zombie in the middle of the woods is one thing — a gun is far too loud a weapon for areas with a high zombie concentration, such as TWD's Atlanta.

Jon Bernthal (a.k.a. Shane): Crossbow — Smartest Weapon Award
As a former cop, we're more used to seeing Shane cocking a shotgun or other macho firearms, but the crossbow is quite a smart choice. Silent, deadly, and a fan favorite — even if it'd mean he were stealing fellow survivor Daryl's thunder on the show.

Happy zombie killing all! [THR]