Polone: Why Stars Act Crazy (and Why People Like Me Share the Blame)


I’ve heard many times the myth that celebrities “die in threes.” I'm not sure if they die in disproportionate patterns, but I do know that they embarrass themselves more than everyone else, in an unending stream of uncivil and inappropriate behavior. After learning of some star who has flipped out on an airplane when denied either more gin, the chance to expose themselves to the other passengers, or the freedom to dry hump their traveling companion during flight, most people ask some version of the question, “How could they act so monstrously?” My standard response to that question is, “How could they not?”

Gavin Polone is an agent turned manager turned producer. His production company Pariah has brought you such movies and TV shows as Panic Room, Zombieland, Gilmore Girls, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.