Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’ Involves Unicycling Elephants


After the debut of "Princess in China" and a full album leak, Coldplay Week marches on this morning with the video for Mylo Xyloto's second single, "Paradise." Apologies if you read the headline and thought Chris Martin would be escorting you to a heavenly circus; there are no real elephants to be found in this video. Instead, there are dudes in elephant suits. Elephant furries! Lonely elephant furries, no less, who travel all the way to South Africa to form an Elephant Furry Desert Rock Band. It's all silly and unexpectedly charming, but the video raises an important question: Is that Chris Martin in the loner elephant suit? It definitely looks like him, when he removes the furry head (though he's still a little far away). And if it is him, how much have we been underestimating Chris Martin?! Dude can unicycle in an elephant suit. Legitimately impressive.