College and Electric Youth Explain the Captain Sully Inspiration for Drive’s ‘Real Hero’


Among the many gems on the much-discussed Drive soundtrack, "Real Hero," a dreamy electro-pop ballad by College and Electric Youth, has become the movie's unofficial anthem (and required listening at many social gatherings this fall). The musicians behind the song — David Grellier, a French electronic artist who performs as College, and Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin, who make up Electric Youth — made their joint U.S. debut last night at the opening of denim atelier 3x1, hosted by Scott Morrison. Before their set, Vulture caught up with the trio to discuss "Real Hero," eighties movies, and whether they managed to score a white satin Driver jacket. (They have not ... yet.)

You could probably call in a favor?
AG: We're still owed a few memorabilia items.
DG: We have already asked for some posters, and we're waiting.
AG: This kind of stuff means a lot to us.