CollegeHumor and Funny or Die Just Released Pretty Much Identical Videos


Here’s a weird thing: CollegeHumor and Funny or Die released almost exactly the same video on the same day. Responses to Occupy Wall Street, both feature the 1% in an effort to “Occupy Main Street” and demand even more of the country’s wealth. But that’s not all! Both videos also include some kind of twist on the idea of “fat cats,” the failure of a newspaper/TV network owned by a millionaire to cover their own protest, helicopters/helipads, and duh, champagne. Only one, however, has rich people eating baby pandas.

It’s pretty amazing that both sites released such a similar video on the same day. One of them must have stolen the others’ idea, written, cast, produced, shot, and edited their competing video in a matter of mere hours! Just kidding, it’s obviously a case of parallel thinking and both sites skewering a ripe-for-the-skewering issue with a classic role reversal. Check out the videos below:

Here’s CollegeHumor’s take:

And here’s Funny or Die’s: